Kevin up a tree

Storm Damage

While a storm like the December 2008 ice storm that crippled New England for weeks is a rare occurrence, damage to unmaintained trees is not uncommon. All Seasons Tree Service can assist you with cleaning up the December 2008 ice storm damage now that the ground is clear and access to damaged trees is easier.

Now is a great time to look up into your trees for preventative work. Before the leaves come out, look up to identify broken and damaged branches and leads. Once your tree leafs out, look for branches that were damaged in the ice storm that will be devoid of leaf growth. Now is the time to address storm damage and weak tree structure before failure occurs and a summer thunderstorm or wind storm wreaks havoc on your family’s lifestyle - remember last December!  

Why have a Tree Service do this work for you when anyone can clean up what has fallen to the ground? Residual branches and branch stubs can be a safety hazard and need to be removed. Stubs should be properly pruned to give your tree the best chance of healing. Contact us today for a free estimate.